Don’t Come Around Here

By Eva Lux and Juliana Conners

Brad and Carly were each other’s first loves. They had everything planned out – go to the same college and be together. But Carly’s dad had other ideas. He caught them both together and threatened Brad. He tells Brad to leave Carly alone and to never see her again. Brad goes off to play football for the Florida Sharks. He is living his dream as a pro football player. Carly is in school going for her MBA. Six years go by and Brad returns home to spend time with his mom. And Carly is staying at her parents who moved next door to Brad’s mother. They happen to be home at the same time. Things start to get interesting. This was a good read overall. The characters seemed a little wishy washy for my taste. And the supporting characters I felt were not really developed. Over all a good read though.