Quarterback’s Secret Baby

(A Secret Baby Sports Romance)

By Ivy Jordan

Cade is the star quarterback for the California Condors. He has led them through several superbowls and now he is feeling like he has accomplished it all. He is at a crossroads in his life trying to decide what he wants to do next. He is sitting at a bar contemplating his next move. A gorgeous woman comes in to meet a date. She sits at the bar and orders a drink. Serena is a sexy astrophysicist and science teacher.  Her date stands her up and Cade and Serena decide to go to dinner together. There is an instant attraction to each other and after dinner they end up back at Cade’s place and have sex. Serena gets up in the middle of the night and leaves realizing they live two very different lives. Shortly after, Serena learns she is pregnant. She also realizes who Cade really is. Serena doesn’t really pay attention to sports much but realizes Cade is a well-known football player. She doesn’t want to interfere in his life, so she never tells him about the baby.

Cade never forgets Serena but has no way to contact her. He is now a sports commentary personality and after a day of filming, he sees her on TV talking about science. Cade decides to go find Serena. He finds her at the University she teaches at. Cade walks into her classroom and causes quite the stir. Serena dismisses the class and she and Cade go back to her office to talk. Cade notices the pictures in her office and one is of a little boy. Serena tells Cade she has a son. They slowly reconnect but how will Cade feel about not knowing her little boy is his son. This is a story of how two people get through obstacles to find love. It was a great read!!