The Rebound

By Winter Renshaw

Yardley Dove Devereaux was the new student at the high school. Nevada Kane was a basketball player with pro potential. Nevada befriends Yardley against the norm and they become fast friends. They are inseparable and eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend. Nevada and Yardley have an all-consuming love for each other. The time comes when Nevada gets offered to play ball out of state. Yardley doesn’t want to stand in the way of Nevada’s dreams, so she lets him go. They make promises to each other and Yardley breaks hers. Nevada hears about what happened and will not give her any time to explain. He returns her letters with a note saying – Do Not Contact Me. This leaves Yardley heart broken and she will never be the same. Flash forward ten years and Nevada returns to his home town with his two daughters in tow. They cross paths in the grocery store and Nevada looks right through Yardley without saying a word. She hopes she will eventually get to tell him what really happened. They cross paths again. Will Nevada allow Yardley to clear up the misunderstanding between them? Will they be able to forgive each other and move forward? This is such a great story. I only wish the author had made it so there wasn’t so much time in bringing them back together!