This is the 2nd book in the “Good Ol’ Boy’s” series and it’s written from Jacob and Lily’s point of views. This second books has all the feels as the first one. Again, I laughed hard, fell in love with the characters/story and at times ugly cried. Can’t recommend this series enough.

Jacob as we know from the first story is son of Lucas’s best friends and Lily is his baby sister. Seven years separate this pair and it’s a huge separation at the younger years. Lily has always loved Jacob from the time she can remember and even if Jacob didn’t know it or not, he’s loved her just a fiercely.  The younger years also show just how different growing up a guy is vs. growing up a girl. While they kiss/hug, Jacob continues to put as much space between the two as possible as he knows it’s wrong to love his best friends sister as well as fall for someone so young.

As Jacob and the boys head off to college, Lily is left behind with Half-Pint, Austin and Aubrey. Lily becomes fast friends with Half-Pint and Aubrey over the years and Austin as always been one of the “big brothers” to her. As she is making her way to her mid-teen years, she starts to act like a normal teen. She wants Jacob and does about anything to make that known to him. He falls for it (college visit, her birthday, her “fake” relationship) and while things progress between them, Jacob is still forcing himself away.

We then progress to the point of Lily’s mother’s illness, Lucas becoming a father and the boys coming home a little more often given the issues going on in their lives. The push/pull between the two continues, with Lily getting pissed and Jacob acting on the feelings and then pulling away. We have the dreaded holiday party Lily’s mother wants to have and this pushes Lily away from Jacob pretty hard by his actions. Even if he didn’t want to do it, it goes along so that Lily will let go of what he thinks is her fantasy to be with him. So they don’t speak for some time, and then Lily’s mother takes a turn for the worse and again all the kids come back home. Jacob has a one to one/heart to heart with Lily’s mother, only to find out that she knows and wants them to be together. The scene is actually very touching. After all of the final responsibilities have taken place, Lily withdrawals from everything and everyone. Lucas, being the fantastic big brother he is, sends Lily to CA to see Jacob, Half-Pint and Aubrey. She continues to be withdrawn until Jacob crashes into her space like the dude he is. They finally have the “talk” and get on the same page. Jacob ends up telling Lily that he’s going to come clean to both her father and Lucas about their feelings and wanting to move forward together. But as will all the best laid plans, something major comes up in Jacob’s life and he bales like he has in the past. Lily is crushed.

So, Lilly takes her life in her own hands and moves away from everyone and all the feelings (sad/hurt/crushed) to start a new. While she stays in contact with her brother, Half-Pint and the crew, she doesn’t contact or want to know about Jacob. He’s crushed her heart and she doesn’t think she’ll ever recover.

Three years later, Lucas/Half-Pint are married (another major event in everyone’s lives) and she’s still avoiding him until he comes back into her life like a bull in a chain cabinet. It’s actually ones of the pats of the books that while still emotional, it has some really funny and sweet pieces that bring the two back together. Jacob finally comes clean with what went down the day he left and she’s so floored by it that she forgives him for that issue.

As things go, they get the HEA that wanted even with Lucas and her father being pissed off about it; move home and start their lives together and with the rest of the crew.

So far, this has been my favorite read of the 4 books (Complicate Me, Forbid Me, Undo Me and Crave Me). Thank you so much for the great read and characters M. Robinson!!!