In this latest book of the Powers guys (all of which are just yummy) we have Zane. Wow oh wow do we have Zane.

We first meet Zane and Jillian while they are in college. Zane is the popular, uber hot baseball player on his way to the pro’s and Jillian who is smart, sexy and walks to the beat of her own drum. Jillian was more of a people watcher, not a partier, so when Zane approached her, it was a sure-real moment. As things would have it, it leads to a wild one night stand and then Jillian heads back home for the summer.

A couple of years later, Zane rolls back into her life when she’s umm noticed at a rally. He remembers her and is more than a little rough around the edges with her. So things take an interesting turn after that night and Zane finds her again for another hot one night stand, or so Jillian thinks. After that, she has a super creepy run in with one of her room mates. I won’t spoil it, but it freaked me out.

Zane continue to roll into Jillian’s life and she’s excited but still a little cautions. While he likes him and the more time they spend together, the more the bond grows but she still has an odd/off feeling about things. Zane starts staying over with her as well as stopping by at odd times. She loves the attention but can’t figure out the other. They spend time leading up to Christmas together and exchange some really cool gifts and she heads home to deal with her “entitled” family.

As things happen, Jillian lets fly the “I love you” and is crushed when he doesn’t return it. But figures she’s just a fling to him. Also during this time, Jillian and her best friend start to look into the creepy room mate and follow him. The first time, leads to nothing special, but the second time and some new technology, the get in over their heads. Turns out Zane has been tracking the room for a couple of years as he is now a cop. Jillian and Iz are at the wrong spot at the wrong time and get in the crossfire. Zane has them held while he works with the other officers to get the people arrested/etc. While the girls wait, During this time, the officer they names “Robo” provides some crushing information unbeknownst to him to the girls. Jillian is crushed and falls off the deep end. Iz comes to the rescue and keeps Zane at a bay.

So for the next couple of months, Jillian is lost and stays close off to most people except her inner circle. Zane tries his best to get back in and knows that he’s f’d up majorly but Jillian doesn’t know if she can trust him again. Things stay rocky for awhile but then something really awesome happens and we get the HEA that we love.

As I’ve read all the “Powers” books, this one is just as great as the others. While I do have a favorite of the series, I still love all the Power’s boys like crazy!!! Thanks for another great read Harper!