Blind Reader Wanted is just what is says. We have a hot, sexy, broken guy (Kit) who is looking for a blind reader, preferably female, to read to him. Enter Lara….

We find the setting to be in small town USA and Lara was born blind. She is an amazing character – beautiful, spunky, spitfire of a personality who doesn’t put up with much. She lives on her own and is so independent it isn’t funny, She has some interesting friends who like to get in her business but given small town USA, that’s normal.

Then we have the dark stranger that’s come to town, Kit. He keeps to himself, lives outside of town with his wolfs and doesn’t like people sticking their noses in his business. The rumors that float around town about him are just out there (I’m personally from a small town and know how this goes). He doesn’t let this bother him, but he finds he’s lonely and would like to have companionship. But due to his scares from his time served, he doesn’t want anyone to see them; hence the blind reader.

With a push from her friend, Lara applies for the position and gets it. Kit is so taken back by her that he acts an a$$ when he meets her, but she comes back and a friendship blooms from there. They start to spend more time together and feelings grown until they act on them. Now enter a local boy who thinks he has a say in her life and we have a nasty mix coming up. Kit and Lara take their relationship to the next level and fall in love only to have this pain in the a$$ from town start shit with Kit. Unfortunately, one of the wolf’s pays the price for this and causes stress between Lara and Kit.

While they work through this, the local law doesn’t do much since it’s just some “kids” out messing around. We all know it’s not but again, small town USA 🙁

While Lara has major issues with getting involved with people who are active duty, Kit has left out a small detail about himself and it comes back to bit him in the butt. Lara pulls completely away from him as he leaves for an assignment.With the help of her friend, Lara figures out that it’s better to have Kit in her life for sometime than to walk away from it all. Unfortunately, this comes back to haunt both Kit and Lara. Lara is hurt but the wolf’s do what they can to protect her (love that part) and Kit makes it back in time to get her the help she needs.

With help from his associates and some information from Lara’s friend, Kit is able to track down who did this and fit the problem before it can happen again. Kit and Lara discuss everything that has gone down and move forward with their relationship to get the HEA that we love. We also get a HEA for her friend and some other people in the story due to the a$$ being taken care of.

This is the first book I’ve read from Georgia and I loved it. I loved the humor as well as the characters. Thanks!!!