Undo Me is the third book in the “Good Ol’ Boy’s” series and it has all the same feels, sexy, happiness and sadness that the others have delivered so far. While I did enjoy this one, I was a little upset with how some of the story played out, but then it would be the story that we have 🙂

This is Dylan and Aubrey’s book. While we’ve gotten a view of them from the others books, it was from the perspective of those characters. We know how Dylan and Aubrey met and got together so this is more about the history of the characters.

Dylan comes from a loving, stable family but just has totally cocky personality. While Aubrey’s comes from loving parents, the relationship between the parents and their choices have changed how Aubrey views the world and relationships. Due to Aubrey’s mother’s profession, when they move Aubrey loses not only her father but also her mother figure (her Aunt).

While things are going ok with the couple over the years, when Dylan heads to college, Aubrey pushes Dylan away. She thinks that will be the best for both of them… but that fails. They start to work things out, go away for a holiday and things look to be getting back on track until something so bad happens (not going to spoil it) that forces them a part… but not due to Dylan trying to keep it together. During a Spring Break trip, things take a turn for the worse again and the two part ways. They still see each other during the different holiday’s back home but it appears that Aubrey has moved on with someone and is in an abusive relationship. Dylan and the others try to get her to leave the dude, but she stays with him for some unknown reason.

Again, time passes and another tragic situation happens and this time the repercussions are serious. While Aubrey gets out of the abusive relationship, Dylan is the one that pays the price. During this time (6 yrs) Aubrey tries to reach out to him every way she can but he keeps turning her away. We find out that there is a child in the mix now and Dylan goes off the rails for a bit. Time passes, he gets to know his child as well as the child fitting in with family and friends. Something odd comes up and forces Dylan and Aubrey to discuss the past and all of the dirty laundry comes out. They move on from there but at a friendship pace.

After a little time, they both start to feel more comfortable with each other and move back towards a relationship that should have happened years ago. We do get a HEA for them as well as more.

Like I said, while I enjoyed the story I was disappointed in the way the tragic accident that happens while on the holiday is handled. I know they were just “kids” but given Dylan’s past with going into law enforcement I would have thought this would have been handled differently.

Great read and a story line you would expect from M. Robinson.