***************** I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *************************

What an awesome second chance romance. I love that the characters have normal professions and we can relate to them!!!

Young love… Joe and Rachel. Joe beginning college and Rachel still in high school but they have a connection from the time they meet. They hit if off talking about music, bands, soundtracks and more. Only problem is that while they have so much in common, the are at different stages of life. Rachel ghosts Joe not once, but twice and then falls into a bad romance/marriage.

So why they both go their own way, they both think of each other often but don’t act on it, until one day Joe show’s up at Rachel’s salon. Such a great scene and something that would totally happen in the real world. While Joe is over joyed to see her again, Rachel is having some emotional issues with the encounter.

Joe continues to pursue her and they start talking and sharing again after many years. The conversations are great and Joe calls himself a creeper several times, which is cute, since he’s taken the time to follow her all these years. Things are going really good and feelings are start to resurface and then a wrench get’s tossed in and Rachel pulls back. Joe doesn’t get it but they work through that hurdle and continue to move on. Rachel tells him about her marriage and divorce (shocking about the ex – I’d like to hit him for her).

As Joe transitions from NY to the small town that Rachel is in and move into “The House” (not going to spoil that for anyone), things appear to be moving along just grand and heading toward our HEA. Again, another wrench get’s tossed into the mix….Rachel’s ex makes an appearance as well as something about Joe and Rachel’s past comes up. This pushes Rachel over the edge and she backs away to Joe’s disappointment. While they are still communicating, Rachel takes some time with her bff’s and has a night out. The advice she get’s from a bartender (won’t spoil that either – hehe) is right on the mark and she thinks things over. At the same time Joe, does something so sweet and romantic, it just melts your heart.

Rachel comes to her scenes and runs back home and to Joe. The talk everything though and confess their feels and we get the HEA we know and love.

I really enjoyed this book. I found it refreshing to have a teacher and beautician as the main characters. I look forward to the next book in the series “Cutting In”, it looks just a good as this one!

And Julia – if you ever go into the card writing business, please let me know. I love all the one liners you have in here that are on cards. Those are classic and I so would buy them for friends 🙂