The banter between the characters in this books was great! I found myself laughing out loud many times while reading this! I couldn’t get enough of this book!


Parker Sloane is a rock God who has everything he ever wanted and can any woman he wants. His only condition is only one time with him. He is out at a bar and growing tired of all the groupies who fawn all over him. He sets his sights on one woman in the bar who he is sure will want to spend the night with him. Charlotte Watson is waiting at the bar for her friend Hannah. The bar is known for hosting rock stars and is Hannah’s usual haunt. She is obsessed with Parker Sloane and hopes one day to meet him. Hannah fan stalks him in every magazine and gossip columns that she can possible get her hands on. Charlotte on the other hand has had enough of playboy celebrities and could care less about them. So when Parker offers her the opportunity to spend the night with him, Charlotte couldn’t be more offended. She is not impressed with his bad boy, tattooed self and wants nothing to do with him.


Parker has never had a girl reject him so he sees her as a challenge and seeks Charlotte out. He even tricks her into going on a date with him. But when the tatted, sex on a stick rock God kisses her, she actually feels something and she gets to know the real Parker Sloane. His personal life is complicated and several wrenches get thrown at their newly formed relationship.

This book is well written and the characters are amazing! This story will have you swooning and smiling from ear to ear!!!