John “Grim” and Frankie have known each other since high school. John asked Frankie to the senior dance with him. Everything went great until the next week at school. The rich, bratty kids made fun of John and Frankie. John was at the school on scholarship and Frankie was the previous target of their bullying. John didn’t say anything about what was being said. He was just weeks away from graduating. One of the rich brats made a move on John and Frankie just happened to see it at the wrong time and misread what happened. She runs away and avoids John. They never end up solving the issue between them.

Flash forward and two of their good friends, Killian and Rachel are getting married. Both John and Frankie are co-best people. They have barely spoken to each other and when they do, it usually ends badly. They have to get along and just get through the wedding. On the night of the wedding, one thing leads to another and they both give in to a night of passion. The next day Frankie returns to her normal shy, untrusting self and tries to forget what happened. John won’t let it go. He has always like Frankie and never understood why she hated him so much. Can he prove to Frankie he can be the guy she needs and break down her barriers? Just as Frankie decides to let John in, she receives so life altering news. Frankie freaks out and blows John off entirely. He doesn’t understand why she is so hot and cold. Will they finally get together in the end or will this end up like the aftermath of the senior dance?

This was a good, quick read. I found it difficult to believe that Frankie held onto the issue from high school for so long especially since she owns a sex club. Maybe I should have read the book before that has the story of Killian and Rachel, and how they met to get clued in.