Tussle is my first read by Jacob Chance and I absolutely enjoyed it. Wonderful characters, great story line, hot/steamy scenes as well as time I laughed so loud the kitties in the house didn’t appreciate it.

While knowing it’s going to be rough, Lilah starts her first day at the WCW. She doesn’t count on meeting the walking sex on a stick Jesse before the day even begins. Lilah knows what is expected of her, since she’s been raised in this world and dear old dad has high expectations for his only child. I’m purposely leaving out what they do and some other information so not to spoil it for others.

Lilah knows she can handle the work, she just doesn’t factor in Jesse. The rules are simple, don’t date co-workers. We find out that Jesse isn’t only a co-worker but one of the favorites in the WCW. Lilah is a little crushed but plays by the rules. I love how Jesse keeps track of how many times he asks her out, it’s cute. What’s not cute, is she keeps turning him down. Until she doesn’t.

One long road trip and Jesse finally makes it through her walls. He’s knows it’s going to be an up hill battle but he’s in it to win and boy does he. Lilah wants to keep this on the low down so her father doesn’t find out and Jesse plays along. They only let a couple people know until they don’t.

While they have so much fun and all the feels a good relationship has, they also have their issues to work through. When Jesse’s in involved in a stunt gone wrong, Lilah doesn’t think about anything except getting to Jesse and making sure he’s ok, even if it’s on national TV. So let’s just say the cats out of the bag and she’s ok with it as well as any fall out she might get from her father. Little do we know but dear old dad has a secret he shares with her that changes her perspective of him (it’s not bad, just funny) and we move forward and get the HEA.

I enjoyed this book so much and the writing style/story lines, I went and picked up a few more of Jacob’s books.