Amazing, suspenseful, just wow. I’ve read other books by Sandi Lynn (sorry this is the first review) but this was a page turner and I loved it.

Wonderfully damaged Addison is fresh from college and looking for that awesome job. She lands it as well as meeting the hot, sexy, wonderful Andrew. He comes to her rescue a couple of times in a couple of days and they are drawn to each other. While Addison finds it painful to move away from home and all she knows, she’s excited to be moving in with her best friends and starting her adult life.

Andrew is so taken with her, they spend more time together until he kinda ghosts her. She’s back and forth on whether or not to get involved but finally gives in to what she’s feeling. Things are moving along but there are some bump’s in the road which cause them both stress.They take a wonderful weekend trip and things seem to be on track.

As all seems good, Addison learns some painful news at work about Andrew and freaks out. Which she should, that’s not something someone should be surprised with. She states it’s over but while going to Andrew’s to pick up stuff, she learns even more. It’s all so painful and confusing. She takes some information Andrew provides to her and leaves. Due to all of these issues, Addison leaves her job and takes off to the address Andrew give her…. what she finds there blows her mind and she has more questions. The person she meets with fills in all the blanks, to which she is both happy and angry about. But in the end, she’s just happy about who this person is and what he brings to her life. While this is a welcome surprise, she now has even more questions for Andrew; who turns out to be someone from her past 🙂

They work through everything thing, thank goodness, and head back to their lives. While all is going great, odd things start to happen and it appears that Addison has at stalker. The problem is, the stalker isn’t who they think it is and s*&t gets really bad, really quickly. With the help of the person from Addison’s past, they work to clear Andrew of the charges and get the stalker for good and we get the HEA we love (actually 2 of them for the happy couple).

I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down. Thank you for such a great read Sandi!!!!