What a great read!!! This is my first book by Faleena and I loved it…. note that there are like 16 books in the series so I’m just getting started – hehe.

We start of with Jake (one of the 6 brothers) and Drew ( a girl). Jake is looking for a room mage and Drew replies to the add wanting the room. Jake assumes Drew is a guy so their first meeting is hysterical. Let’s put it this way, if I’d met Jake like she did, I don’t think I could’ve held back 😉

After the shock of the first meeting wears off as well as the tears, Jake agree’s to let Drew be his room mate. Things are good but the sexy tension is there. Jake catches grief from his brothers about her as well. They want all the details about her but Jake isn’t willing to give them up. Froward a little in time and Drew lands an interview for a job and is excited until she see’s where and who it’s with. Yep, you guessed it… where Jake works. Jake’s uncle likes to give people a chance, so Drew is there with little experience but a willingness and eagerness to learn and do a good job. During the interview, one things leads to another and Drew tell’s Jake about her past and her soon to be ex. Jake is so taken with this news, he embraces her and that leads to some really hot, sexy time (in the office, on the desk). Jake’s happy he finally gets her and she floats out the door. We later find out that she lands the job but doesn’t want casual with Jake – she wants more. We also find out that Jake has to head out for a bit to cover another job in another state.

As time starts to move fast, so does the sexy feelings. Drew ends up meeting a couple of Jake’s brothers and can now see why the woman of the south love these boys.  They are all hot, sexy, cocky, and full of them selves it’s not funny. As is from an extremely tight family, they throw him a party to send him off in style. We learn more about the family and the make up during this event… we also see how selfless Drew is by not going but that doesn’t sit right with Jake. So he goes and gets her and finds that they have a ton in common.

But as all good things go, something bad crops up in the form of Drew’s best childhood friend. Unbeknownst to Drew, her friend has a really bad history with Jake’s family. This chick is bad news and causes all sorts of problems for Drew, Jake and his family. Drew is unaware of just how bad she.

As Jake’s family is super close, they help out to bring him home as quickly as possible. I love families like this!!! He’s only away for about a month. During this time, he keeps trying to talk to Drew and she keeps blowing him off due to something the friend did. When Jake comes home, Drew finds out that the friend lied and things with Drew/Jake go supersonic (thank goodness). While reconnecting, this wonderful friend (not) calls and Drew takes off. Thank goodness Jake is home as big trouble is ahead for Drew. While things work out after some scary time, Jake and Drew get the HEA, the friend’s issues catch up with her and she’s in big trouble and trying to cause more trouble for Jake’s family and the bad guys go down as well.

I loved how this ended with a big family gathering and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. What I’ve read so far, it looks to be great and will pull you in!!!