*********** I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ****************

Hot, sexy, second chance book in a great series. Damien is everything I was waiting on and hoping for in this last “Slater Brother” book from L.A. Casey. The entire series is great, but this lasts book on the brothers brings some of the past to completion.

Damien and Alannah have such a messed up history due to one night back in high school. From reading the other books, we know that Dame left to give Alannah/Lana time and space but also to allow him to heal as well from his past. When he comes back to Ireland to get Lana back, she throws everything back in his face ten fold and continues to push him away until one day she breaks and spills the beans about something she has going on with one of Ado’s brothers.

Well, that turns this messed up issue into a major s*^t storm. While they have much to work out (I won’t spoil it), we get caught up with the others in the group. Lots of laughs at Alec’s expense… OMG I love Alec. I loved the “clown” issues as well as the “cup” and “trampoline” scenes – those where so great I was laughing so hard I was crying.

As the story moves along, we have Dame and Lana coming together to finally hash out what went down and start to take responsibility for both of their actions. Once they make it through this, they start to come together. Poor Lana also has some family issues that come into play (more so than the other books lead up to) and Dame is there to help along the way.

We get new family members (that scene is great as well) and the Collin’s brothers make a major showing in this book. Can’t wait for their series. We also have evil people from the Slater’s past that bring more heartache to the group and it threatens Dame and Lana’s future.

After much soul searching on Lana’s part as well as pushing everyone away for some time, Lana brings herself to spend some time with the children of the Slater’s and by doing this, gets some additional information from Kane. With this information, she works up the courage to talk with Dame and everything that his past brought up, he clears up for her and the readers. I think I fell more in love with Alec hearing about some of his past in this book.

As much as I loved this book, I’m a little sad that this is the last Slater brother to get his book. Yes I know I’ve read all the others many times and highly recommend them as well as the books on each of the girls, I know that once Lana’s book is here, that will close this part of the series. I’m sure we will still hear about the gang in the Collins brothers books when they come out but it won’t be the same.

Thanks L.A. Casey for such and awesome book and series!!!!