5 Star read and the wrap up to a wonderful series. I’ve been waiting for Kat and Dan’s story since the first book of the series (Knitting in the City).

As we know from reading the others in the series, Kat and Dan have a history and what happened in Vegas plays a major roll in how this story starts. I won’t spoil it for anyone if you haven’t read the series and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. The sexual tension between the two is off the chart and when Kat asks Dan for help, he’s all for it. As you can tell from the title, we have a marriage but with a ton of baggage from Kat and we finally get that look into her history that each of the other books hints at.

There are some awesome scenes between Dan, Kat and Kat’s evil cousin that I found so funny, I laughed until I cried. Evil cousin is such a pain in the butt. We also have all the love and support of the entire group of gals and their hubby’s to help pull the couple through all the messes that they have to work on and clean up; as  well as each of the gals having a way to help Kat get to the bottom of the issues at hand and turn the family business back around. There are also some extremely emotional scene with Kat and her family that tug at your heart; as well as Dan’s family falling in love with Kat and bringing her into the family fold.

There are some unexpected twists and turns, a couple of bad kidnapping attempts as well as Alex with his wonderful skills to bring this series to a refreshing and wonderful closure. I know that we’ll hear more about the group on and off in the Winston brothers series but a part of me is sad that this wraps up the gals group.

Thanks for the wonderful book and series Penny, I can’t stress how much I love the characters, stories as well as how great the books are written!!!