Such a laugh out loud, bring tears to your eyes funny book!!!

This time around we find the gang of gal’s in Bangkok for another marriage. This time it’s Sammie and she’s getting married to a turd, to be nice. Enter the turd’s friend, Lock, mix in some history between Sammie and Loch and we have some major sparks! Becky and Liam are there as well as Percy and Mysti May to celebrate and award that Sammie is getting as well as her wedding to Eggbert/Egg’s (see turd).  We have the same, one drink rule going as we did in the first “Billionaire Hangover Romance” story but the twist this time is that everyone but Sammie is downing the drinks like water and Sammie is trying to be good (bless her heart) until she see’s something that you just can’t unsee and she hits the bottle hard.

So we have the next morning where they start to try to figure out what went down. This time it’s Bangkok version, not Vegas. We find that they’ve been to a club, brought in some more players to the group, get some ink at an rather interesting location, still some stuff as well as pick up a monkey and cause problems with the local Mafia.

In between all this back tracking to get to the bottom of what went down, we have super hot/sexy scenes with Loch/Sammie as well as everyone one else. So glad Bec’s and Liam are still going strong. Mysti May’s love life is in the tank and getting cursed isn’t helping her issues and Percy is well, Percy.

The monkey scenes are hysterical, the Mafia back tracking is a bit scary, the club is down right freaky and the monks from the “ink scene” are interesting to say the least.

In the end, we get everything piece back together and find that Eggs really is a POS, Loch is a good guy, Sammie remembers so much more than just this trip with Lock and a HEA for the record books.

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at a group of characters since I finished the first book and look forward to the next one to come. It’s hinted at then who it is.

Thanks for the awesome read!!!