*********** I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ****************

Wow, what a page turner. I was looking forward to Jaxson’s book after reading ” The Thing About Love” but I never expected it to have so many twists and turns. Love, love, loved it!!!

Jaxson (Sundance) is a photographer and just won a contest to for one awesome job. Unfortunately, he crosses paths with Sadie. Poor Sadie, what a sad, mixed up lady and what a tragic back story.

Due to her back story and people from her past, something bad goes down. He “friend” Simon pulls her into some shady s*&t and we have her at the airport trying to pickpockets to help get her out of the mess she thinks she’s in. She comes across Jaxson in the bar and as things would have it, it turns into one very hot, steamy night.

Once Sadie figures out what Jaxson’s about, she back out of what she was working on with Simon and returns what she can to Jaxson and escape. Unbeknownst to her, she goes from the frying pan to the fryer and gets burnt badly. Jaxson’s pissed and takes it out on her due to what he lost. She’s a mess and tries to run but that just lands her in more pain and problems.

Jaxson comes up with a plan for her and her issues. She’s to work for him since she’s cost him not only his resources but also his assistant. Things are weird and tense between them but there is also a spark. Sadie is so mixed up about everything, she agrees as she thinks it’s her way of paying him back for all the problems she’s caused him. She is also trying to figure out how to fix all the problems she left behind when she ran.

Jaxson has many friends and starts to work to unravel Sadie’s story and past, only to come up with more questions than answers. He knows he should tell her about what he knows but he’s afraid she’ll run. And boy ole boy does she when see’s Simon. He’s not supposed to be there. She confronts him, freaks and runs; all the while Jaxson is frantically searching for her. When Jaxson does find her, she’s broken and a shell of who is and it pisses him off. He finally gets out of her what went down and that really pisses him off.

Not to spoil anything… we find out just how bad Simon is, how great Jaxson is and how not broken Sadie really is. We just find out that sometimes your past doesn’t stay in the past; as well as things not always being what they seemed to be.

The good guys win in the end, Jules/Jake show up to help out and Jaxson/Sadie get a very cute HEA to round out the book.

I really enjoyed this as well as all the different twists and turns that happen to poor Sadie. She truly does make it out on the other side in a better place, thank goodness.

Thanks for the great read Kim and for letting me part of the ARC!!!