So many twists and turns in this wonderfully written book from Amanda Cain. This is my first read from her and I totally enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down!

Poor Emma hasn’t been having a lot of luck in the love department and isn’t really looking to be honest. She meets a tall, dark, sexy has f&^% stranger and is smitten. Ryan, the cool drink of water she meets is equally smitten but has a very twisted and dark past that makes him think that he can only have one night stands.

Ryan makes the first move and calls Emma to meet for lunch. Unfortunately, while lunch was great, she takes him to a party at her BFF’s house and that’s where the white lies start to crop up. Emma and Ryan are happy together and having fun but Emma’s BFF isn’t so sure about him and think’s somethings off. She’s right and she’s wrong.

As time goes by, Ryan and Emma spend more time together, share very few details about them self’s, they are both falling hard for each other. The problem is that Ryan’s keeping way to many secrets and what he does share is pepper with lies. While Emma knows that he’s lying, she can’t help herself but to fall more and more in love with him every day. Her BFF still has issues with not knowing and questions several things that he’s told her. Ryan knows what he’s doing it going to hurt when it all comes out but he doesn’t know how to manage it.

The building blocks fall down when Char (Emma’s BFF) see’s Ryan out and about with a lady and two little girls. Ryan knows that he’s been busted and Char spills the beans to Emma. Emma’s heart broken… so what are best friends for? They take her out on an adventure only for it to get worse as Ryan see’s them and thinks the worse about the situation.

One thing leads to another and hurt feelings and ignoring each other comes into play. Then someone from Ryan’s secret’s shows up at Emma’s door and well the story gets that much more involved. While Emma reaches out to Ryan, he’s still so pissed and hurt that he doesn’t help the issues and storms in like a bull in a china cabinet. Once everything settles down and everyone has some time to look at everything, the stories start to unfold. We find that Char’s guy actually knows who Ryan is, Ryan has a past that is so messed up you feel sorry for the guy (but somethings just are bad), we met some very wicked players who don’t deserve our time and then the ones on the sideline that should have just stayed there.

After all the pieces come out, Ryan and Emma continue to move forward until the one piece of Ryan’s life makes things so much worse. We really wish something would make this person either wake up and change or they’d just go away. Again, Emma find’s a person from Ryan’s life at her doorstep and more history comes to light. The story that we hear at this point is heart breaking but the action said person is taking, is only proving to hurt everyone include them. Emma helps out where she can but that puts more strain on her relationship with Ryan.

When we think all is lost and hopeless, Char comes to the rescue and helps us move to the HEA.

The only downside I had to the book, was I wished we’d gotten a little more for the ending instead of just a page. It would have been nice to a little more information as it’s one year later. But overall, I love the twists and turns all through the book and the characters are written as strong characters (whether they be good or bad characters).

Thanks for pointing me to this book Amanda and I can’t wait to read more from you!