********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review **********

OMG… WOW… as we left book one, we had a cliffhanger with Dax in an accident. Amanda is a mess and get back to him ASAP. As things would have it, all ends up will (no spoilers) and they continue on with the relationship.

Amanda continues to get the stink eye from the chick that’s always wanted Dax, she gets the pleasure of meeting an evil ex (go Amanda for handling her…I would’ve kicked her butt and meeting several new members of Dax’s group. The guys are good and the gals are great and inviting. Things progress and due to the accident, Dax and Amanda find that that they don’t want to continue the long distance thing. They want to be closer. So plans are made and underway when another life changing events pop’s up. Amanda’s Seattle gal pals don’t like the thought of her moving but do encourage her to follow her heart and her man.

Amanda freaks, pulls away from everyone and then comes to her sense and spills the beans. Dax is the great guy we have fallen for and all works out well in the end.

We get the HEA, happy family and friends (both old and new) and life is looking good in Kernville.

I’m not a big fan of cliffhangers, but as the books are releasing so close together it doesn’t seem like to bad of a wait. I absolutely loved both books and can’t wait for “What I Never Knew I Needed (Book 3) to come out.

Thanks C.L. awesome writing and story lines!!!