Fun, witty read!! Great characters with back stories that make for a great story.

Nick is a funny, life of the party college guy who plays football and Carter (great name for a girl) is heading back to school after a bad relationship with a nasty ending. The way these two meet is so awesome. But then they don’t see or talk to each other for a couple months.

Then with help from friends, Nick get’s his chance to spend more time with Carter. While Nick thinks it’s a good idea to get to know each other better, Carter’s not sure; so they get make that next set now. But on a trip to watch her future brother in-law, turns out Nick is right there to help her our on the flight as well with her room issues. So being tossed together, they spend quality time getting to know each other. Then comes the open room for rent right next to Nick and well things just kind of take off from there.

Things are going great and the relationship is moving along swimmingly. We have the normal issues with the parental units but it’s not until Nick’s evil twin sisters makes an appearance that we have some issues. She loves to f&^% with people and Carter get the full effect of her evil. Nick has a stupid moment and adds more issues to what evil twin did… leaving Carter to bolt given what she’s told and her history.

Thanks to good friends, Nick is informed of his mistake at the party and what evil twin did to mess up his relations. He’s blow’s (which anyone would do) but Carter is to crushed to think of anything different than what’s she’s been told.

With help, they finally talk and figure out what evil twin did and move forward together to the HEA.

Loved all the characters and really loved how easy it was to “hate” the evil twin! Great read and can’t wait to read the others from Jacob!!!