We all know that work and romance don’t usually mix and this one starts out this way. While I love the characters and the back story (I loved little Dominic) and we have the bad/evil ex’s to go along with the story, I was highly disappoint in the editing of the book. Several words were just wrong (work instead of word for example) or just a single letter for a two letter word. It made reading it a little hard and sometimes I didn’t pick the correct word and had to re-read a section.

With that said, I loved the sexual tension between McKenna and Raphael. Names we don’t see often. I also love how McKenna interacts with Dominic, that was really refreshing… especially when talking “nerd” speak 🙂 Even though it’s not good to hook up at work, this relationship seems to be fated to work out given the feels between the characters. As they move toward a relationship, her ex finds her and makes life hell for them. His ex is just a pain in the butt from the start.

When Raphael finally wakes up and realizes he’s in love with McKenna, her ex becomes worse than he was before and causes all kinds of problems but there is a happy that comes from that issues. Raphael and McKenna work through the issues both ex’s present, win and come out on the other side with the HEA we love.

I really enjoyed the book and fell in love with little Dominic, he’s just way to cool! But who ever did the proofreading for the book should’ve done it one more time..