In the second book of the Kings of Denver Series, we have second chance romance. Jaxon/Jax is another one of the hot hockey player stud’s on the same team with Miller and Tank. He’s all about his wicked ways, which we see some of that in Miller’s book. Then we have Cassie, the former flame that left for Jax high and dry.

This book has all the feels but also some very sad points to it with a lot of anger due to a series of mistakes and lack of communication. We also meet Cassie’s three brother, who happen to be triple’s as well as Bobby (an other player on the team) and his twin sister Bri. It’s important to know the players as they are very vital to the story.

There is major history between Jax and Cassie as well as mistakes and hurt feelings. Cassie returns to Jax’s life and let’s just say shock doesn’t cover his emotions. Cassie is nervous about seeing him again but with the help of her new roommate Bri. Bobby push’s Jax to go after her and Bri is pushing Cassie towards Jax. The problem is history and lack of communication continue to keep them apart.

While they do begin to start talking and try to work through the past, Jax finds out about Cassie’s parents and it lost all over again. They were like his folks and that adds more hurt/emotions to the issues. Jax thought not only had he lost Cassie when she took off, he lost the triplets as well; which were like his brothers. Once Cassie points this out to them, they feel like real heels and work to mend the broken ties that they have to Jax. Then takes us on a turn to a wedding and that is just emotional all the way around (funny, sad, hopeful, criminal) where Jax and Cassie start to heal and reconcile.

Things are looking up for everyone and then we have a little issue with a dude that just doesn’t get it and threatens to ripe everything apart. But we get the HEA we want, an NHL contract and everyone back on track and all in the family again.

Thanks for another awesome book in the series Sheridan, I had so much fun reading this one!