Miller is the first book in a new series by Sheridan Anne. This is also my first time reading this author and I throughly enjoyed it!

We have college senior’s Miller (hot hockey playboy stud) and Danielle (smart, recently single hot chick). The meeting between these two couldn’t be funnier and boy ol boy does Dani put Miller in his place. Dani and Sophie (her BFF) are taking a class where they have to market and promote one of the school’s sports teams (awesome concept). They get the hockey team, who unfortunately have a very bad rep due to the way the pervious season ended. They need all the help they can get to have the following and support they used to.

While Miller has his sights set on the NHL, he knows that he has to have a stellar year and doesn’t want anything to get in his way. Dani isn’t looking for love, she’s still trying to get her ex to leave her be … but that isn’t working well. Miller hits on her and when she doesn’t respond like he thinks she should, he can’t understand why. When they do finallly tallk, she tells him she’s a one man kinda chick and doesn’t do one night stands and knows how he is.

They do start spending more time together working on the marketing of the team and Dani/Sophie become “members” of the team and the boys all look out for them. Problem is, most want to make a play for her but Miller puts his foot down … or growls too much – hehe. While the chemistry is off the charts between the two, they are still dancing around each other. But thanks to Sophie and Miller’s team mate/good friend, Tank, Miller finally gets on board with being in a one woman relationship.

Once we get over that little spot, things are moving along. The marketing work is going great, the team is winning and winning back their supporters .. things a clicking. Then enter Dani’s rotten ex. Boy he’s one bad apple and causes all kinds of issue for the poor gal. Miller comes to her rescue a couple of times but the last one is almost deadly for more than just Dani. Thank goodness that dirtbag gets his in the end and Miller/Dani make it through the other side better and stronger, graduate and are NHL bound. I love how it did a 5 year jump to welcome a new addition 🙂

This is a great start to the series and highly recommend picking it up. There several funny scense, some that just make you cry (Miller’s sister), and some that you just want to reach in an punch someone … so all the feels 🙂

Thanks Sheridan for talking with me and getting me started on the journey of the Kings of Denver series. Next up is Jaxon, followed by Xander and then Tank. Jaxon and Xander are already available and Tank is coming in April.