In this third book of the Kings of Denver series,  we have some very emotion, heavy stuff going on. The parental units in this story just suck – no nice way to say it.

Xander, another one of the hot hockey players is the main character and the lovely lady is Charli. Xander’s parents are control freaks who just won’t listen and hold the purse strings and Charli’s are the worse you can find … abusive and into drugs. Thank goodness Micky (the owner of the bar they hang out at during the series is there). Mickey comes to Charli’s rescue right from the start and we learn what it takes to be a strong woman from this lovely lady. Xander keeps doing what he’s been doing his entire life so he can make it through school, finish his college hockey career and then move on to what he really wants to do with his life (MMA).

Xander is drawn to Charli, like a moth to a flame, and he’s not sure why. He wasn’t really looking for a girl friend right now but he just can’t stay away. Problem is, he’s training like made for both hockey and MMA plus school. Charli get’s it, as she’s also working towards a career and working at the bar. But somehow they manage to get together.

Then enter her poo poo parental units and try to hurt her … Xander to the rescue. He tell’s Micky what’s up so everyone is on the same page. But those parental units don’t like that Xander stepped in and they come back in force. They reek havoc with Xander and lets just say police get involved. Charli freaks out and does what she can to take care of Xander. During this time, he’s still training like made and has gotten into the fighting scene which puts his college work/hockey in jeopardy.  Heaven forbid his parental units find out, they pull everything from him.

While the winnings are good, another team mate finds out but promises to keep it quite and tries to help him when he can. Things seem to be going good but somehow coach finds out about it and off the team he goes. Then the parental units step in and make things worse.

Xander and Charli decide to make a go on their own and all looks like it’s going good until one of the fighters decides to make a “dick” move and put everyone’s life in danger. Xander to the rescue but the damage is done. With that, the final fight comes down to this a$$ and Xander. I won’t spoil what goes down but the fighting is done. Now that it is, he’s welcomed back to the hockey team since he’s not doing anything to get in trouble and they go on to win it all again. But his parental units take that he’s making his way back to hockey, when he just wants to support his team and finish the season/year.

In the end, Xander and Charli get the HEA together as well as the career’s that they want. And I was able to put the kleenex away for another day.

Thanks for another wonderful installment in the series, Sheridan! I can’t wait for Tank and I hope from the blurb’s I’ve read things really don’t go to south for Tank/Sophie 🙂