The four books in the “Consequence of ” series by Rachel are so funny, I can’t remember laughing so hard at what characters get up to in a novel. Add in hot, sexy guys and gals and they are a must read series.

The first book, The Consequence of Loving Colton, we have Milo and Colton’s story with the introduction of Reid, Max and Jason as well as other characters (including one frisky Grandma) for one crazy story.

Colton and Milo have danced around each other for years. With Milo being Jason’s little sister and Colton being his best friend, it was always a kind of forbidden romance. Little did they both know, they both wanted the same thing but didn’t go for it until it was almost to late.

We have one bad weekend where Jason’s supposed to marry a lying, high maintenance monster. Colton’s and Milo are both in the wedding party and are told that they are going to be a couple for the weekend. Milo freaks out and calls for back in the form a fax boyfriend Max (I want a Max so bad).

Max comes to the rescue but things get way out of hand. Max is a man genius that just can’t help himself. Colton’ is pissed Milo has a boyfriend. He know’s the wicked monster that Jason’s planning to marry and Max calls in his brother Reid to help to get her to admit that she’s lying. Instead we get a drugged Reid as Grandma is after him big time, a very pissed bride to be at both Reid and Max (due to their history), Jason just can’t catch a break with physical accidents.

While all the things that happen to the gang so funny, you wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Poor Reid will have issues with older granny’s for years to come, Max takes things way to far by saying he and Milo are engaged, Jason ends up needing to go to the hospital, Colton figures out the deal with Milo and Max, Milo is so beyond frustrated and screwed it’s sad and the nasty bride to be call’s off the wedding.

The parental units have paid for a wedding and they still want one to take place. So, Colton man’s up and does the right thing. Admits to Milo he loves her and has for years … and we get a very odd but good HEA for Colton and Milo.

I was laughing so hard reading this I had tears and couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this as well as the others in the series. You just can’t get enough of Max and what he can come up with .. you just want to keep reading and reading.