********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *********

Another awesome book from LP Dover. So many twists and turns with all the feels! I’m a huge fan of her writing and she hasn’t let me down yet – highly recommend this when it’s released. I promise not to provide spoilers 🙂

We have the love story of Elli and Jake. They are a happily married couple – she runs a bakery and he’s an architect. While she loves what she does and the hours she puts in, she’s a bit frustrated at the amount of travel that Jake has as of late for a new project.

Some strange things start to happen – odd text message from what appears to be an old boyfriend. She blocks them after showing her co-worker and goes about her life. She also has an odd feeling of being followed while running, so she switches it up at a gym. As time goes on, she starts to get the texts again, so she blocks that number again.

She finally tells Jake as well as their friend Owen, who’s a police officer. They suggest she get her number changed and Owen promises to look into it. In the mean time, there is an accident involving Jake, which brings to light a suggestion that Ellie’s ex Bryan is the one doing this. They start looking for him, but he’s an officer as well, but he’s out on assignment and no one can locate him.

Things continue to get weird, Ellie and Jake are on edge about everything when it’s suggested that she go into protective custody. She leaves with Owen, as he’s the only one that Ellie and Jake trust at this point.

Many more twists and turn come up, Bryan’s found, people end up dead and the bad guy turns out to be someone that we don’t suspect until it’s almost too late to act.

We do end up with a HEA, Ellie and Jake get the future they are looking for but only after surviving the “Anonymous” person who is after her.

Again, I highly recommend this. It’s steamy, sexy, has tons of suspense with an HEA.