********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *********

Relentless, the 4th book in the Skulls Renegade series is a heartbreaking read at first. Poor Bellamy has had a very tragic and interesting childhood, you just can’t help but feel for her. As she is coming into her trust fully, she not only finds out that her father wasn’t her father but that she’s got a half sister. She also finds out just how shitty her current boyfriend is and when it ends, it gets even worse. We also find out what Butch has been up to and it’s funny to see what he goes through at the beginning (not going to spoil it for everyone).

While the ex is trying to ruin her career before it really takes off, she manages through that and when she get’s the chance, she takes off (with the help of her friends in the band she’s touring with) to track down her sister. While meeting Butch, on of the Skulls, she does meet her sister but it doesn’t go as planned and that plus the new stunt the ex tries to pull on her, just brings her down a little more. But she is determined to go back to see Butch one more time before the bands leave town. And boy does that leads to some hot sexy time.

So while the tour is going good minus one of the band members being an a$$, she still feels like things are falling in on her. She finds both Butch and Slash on her door step. Turns out she was right about the half sister and Elena, being who she is and what’s going on in the MC, send them to protector. Well sends is a strong word for Butch, he volunteered to go.

Things continue to get hot and steamy with Bells and Butch, even thought Butch doesn’t want them to. He falls, and falls hard … but so does she. Unfortunately, as usual, things happen and there is a falling out with them. Butch runs and that allow’s a rival to get Slash and Bell’s. Once Butch figures it out, he does find them but the damage by the rival has been done. Non of them are the same after that. Add to the fact that Bell’s manager screws her over as well, lets just say Bell’s is having a really bad time.

Butch does take Bell back with him, introduces her to his Mom (by the way loved her name & spelling), and she just loves her to death. She even ends up with a wonderful puppy (swoon). But there are still hurdles to overcome between the two as well as things going on in the MC that she is now a part of by being family.

While Butch and Bells look to be headed towards the HEA we want for them, we have to feel for Slash. What went down really messed with the old timer and he isn’t handling it well. Even with help, it’s not going good for the poor guy.

Excellent book in the series and really enjoyed it as well as catching up with the rest of the MC. Can’t wait for the fifth book in the series!!!