In this first book of the series, Diamonds and Dirt Roads by Erin Nicholas, we have Evan and Cori’s story. Such wonderful, strong characters with the plus that the gals are the billionaires this time instead of the guys was a cool bonus!!

We first meet Evan and the ABC triplets (Ava, Brynn and Cori) when Evan comes to talk to them about their father’s will. Ruby, their father, was a billionaire company owner who leaves everything to them with some very odd stipulations. Ava has to be a baker in a pie shop for a year and date someone for 6 months from the small town of Bliss (where the pie shop is), Brynn has to date 6 guys from Bliss as well as work the front of the pie shop (we’ll get to her issues in book 3) and Cori who is to handle the accounting and not date anyone for 6 months.

Evan says that he will enforce what Rudy requested and the clock starts when all three of the girls show up in Bliss. There are many discussions between the triplets with raw emotions about what Rudy was trying to force them to do. At the end of the day, they all want the same things from each other. To continue their lives as is – Ava the CEO, Brynn the nerdy scientist and Cori the fun loving, party chic; plus keep things the way they are for their mother. Evan tries to assume the role of boyfriend for Ava but there is just no chemistry; but sparks fly between him and Cori.

So the girls pack up and move to Bliss. Evan continue to try to play boyfriend to Ava but his growing feelings for Cori make this murky water to tread through. There is also a little issue that Evan has with one of his friends/hook-ups that he needs to “let down easy” but his reputation in the small town causes issues for all. Cori can feel for him, she is the female version – hehe. Several times, Cori steps in to act as Ava when things get rough but unfortunately, Cori can’t date Evan given the stipulations in the will. Evan knows this as well and struggles with it.

Thanksfully, Ava and Evan end the pretend relationship that they have going on when Ava finds that the feelings between Cori and Evan are so strong (plus Ava has plans for Parker – hehe). Evan and Cori work at being friends and find a loophole in the will allowing them to spend time together but not actually date.

Enter Evan’s noisy family and noisy people from the small town that try to mess things up at every turn. Cori continuing to be herself and Evan finally figuring out what he really wants in life. And of course, we have great food from the diner as well as pie from the pie shop.

The ending is awesome, I love the way that they come out as a couple, mommy dearest finally sticks up for Evan and the town gets some interesting additions which are a cool addition to the story.

I love the HEA we get along with all the struggles, giggles, hot/steamy sexy time we get for the two main characters.
Thanks Erin!