Such an enjoyable read from Erin Nicholas. This is the 2nd book in the series and it centers around Ava and Parker.

From the first book in the series, we find out a wealthy billionaire has passed away and is leaving his fortune to his three daughters but only if they meet some stipulations. The daughters are ABC triplets (Ava, Brynn and Cori) and the stipulations take all three of them way out of their comfort zones.

Ava, the CEO/business minded lady has to be a baker for a year and well lets just say it’s not a strong point for her. She also has to date one gentleman from Bliss for at least 6 months – something not heard of for her. Enter Parker, one of her father (Rudy’s) friends from the small town. We know that Parker runs the diner and is a foodie.

While neither wants to admit they have the hots for each other, everyone else can see it. Ava decides to make an executive decision and force Parker to help her with pie baking; which they don’t ever seem to get around to. She also thinks that by spending time with Parker, that will double as her dating … until it actually turns into that. Parker has the same plan for using the time together to cover the dating portion as well … until it turns real for him as well.

There is plenty of sexual frustration between the two of them, they are both headstrong individuals who always seem to get their way until they are forced to work together to overcome different issues to hit the end results. Along the way, we get an education on why Parker is the way he is with regard to food and what he wants people to feel about it; as well as why Ava doesn’t put much thought into the food she eats. Toss in getting dirty in the kitchen and at the farm to the mix of sexual tension for one steamy read.

Add in Brynn/Cori as well as Parker’s bff’s Evan and Noah and you have one very, action packed story with twists/turns/very funny farm animals that also ends with an HEA. I had so much fun reading this and laughing at the way that Ava thought things should go.

Can’t wait for Cashmere & Camo – Noah and Brynn’s story!!!