This first book in the Culture Blind series was so touching and sad. I really felt for the characters and their story. It was nice to see them come together despite everything and serves to remind us that everyone is their own individual despite their differences.

We have the totally hot small town boy, Dustin, and the city girl, Audrey. They meet when they are at a week long country music star’s vacation event. While Dustin is a good ole country boy, this is Audrey’s first time at an event like this and she’s not really into country music.

While the attraction is there from the start, Audrey is there with a couple of her best friends and doesn’t want to leave them and Dustin is there with a friend and his brother, they both end up spending more and more time together. While the others in the group think they should get to others that are at the event, it just doesn’t turn out that way. After a week together, they make the decision to do the long distance relationship thing.

While the distance is rough, they do work through most things and even travel to see each other. The relationship isn’t without it flaws and learning curves, they they manage to make it work. We also find during this time just how different their lives have been and how differently they were raised. While those issues don’t exist between the two of them, their parents are a different story. Another major issue they have to overcome is who will end up moving for the relationship to move forward and continue to grow.

After all the issues as well as death in one of the families, they finally come together with siblings & siblings spouse’s supporting their relationship and commitment to each other even thought both sets of parent dis-own them (sad but unfortunately still true in this day and age). We end up with a HEA and I couldn’t love the characters more.

Thanks for such a wonderfully written book Xavier, I can’t wait for more in the series!