Beautiful Disaster

By Rye Hart

Country star Drake Blackthorn had it all until it was taken from him. Ever since the tragedy he experienced, he has retreated into a bottle of booze. He even drinks on stage and is rarely sober. His manager notices him slipping away and hires PA Delia Jacobson who is getting her degree in psychology specializing is substance abuse. She is to help him through his upcoming tour. She sees this as a great opportunity to add this experience to her resume. Drake sees Delia as a threat and refuses to let her in. In fact, he tries to make it difficult for her by telling her to muck out the horse stalls on his ranch. Drake is not exactly kind to Delia. They have a tumultuous relationship with each other. Delia sees Drake as a challenge. Eventually Drake becomes more attached to Delia and little by little the wall he has built up comes down. Delia begins to see the real man behind the alcohol. The chemistry between Drake and Delia is off the charts. So much so that when Drake hits rock bottom, Delia has to walk away from him so he can get his life back together. This is a very emotional story. The characters have been through so much. It ends with a happy ending. I’m not going to say too much because I wouldn’t want to spoil it. Great read! If you know someone with an addiction problem, by all means please help them.