********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *********

As we know from the first two books, Laura and Chris hook up when Amanda heads to Kernville to look into her mothers past. What we find out about them at the beginning of this book sets the stage for their past and why the are both divorced with kids.

The back story for both is cheating spouses and they find a common ground between the tow. When Laura leaves town, they stay in touch but both agree the long distance thing won’t work for them due to the kids and ex’s. While this works for awhile, they both are drawn to each other and fight it hard.

While they hook up a couple of times and continue to communicate, Laura finally pulls away and stops communicating thinking it’s for the best. Problem is, they both miss each other something bad. Time passes and when Amanda and Dax’s wedding comes, they are forced back together. Again to the same issues.

While both try to move on without the other by dating other people, it doesn’t work out and they find there way back to each other yet again. After a series of issue’s with her ex (and they are bad issues) Laura takes off with Evan to get away from the s*&^ storm that her ex causes and heads to Chris’s. While there, they begin the process of working out how the long distance relationship will work. With the issues at home and how things are playing out with the ex, Laura finds that it’s possible that she and Evan can move and be with Chris and his girls.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but we do get the HEA we wanted for these two after so much time and just smile cause sometimes things just work out.

Thanks for another wonderful story and characters, CL!!!! I can’t wait for the next series … the series title means a lot to me 🙂