Wow oh wow has Kris done it again!!! Loved Justin and finding out how he fits into the puzzle that is the Kings of Guardian. He’s back ground is really cool and so different from his brothers and sisters; which is fun and refreshing. While we know how great he is with the restaurants, it’s his other “job/hobby’ that is off the hook. While he has his right and left hand people, we find out that there has always been a friendship/attraction with Danielle. She’s had the hots for him for forever and Justin figures it out while on a trip.

While his “job/hobby” doesn’t go as planned, we do get to see a little bit of the attraction between the two. It isn’t until they run into each other doing an extreme hobby, that we see the spark and the click between the two. It’s really so much fun reading how the two interact. Then when they return to the real world, Danielle gets to meet the 4 other important women in Justin’s life and it’s all at once. That was really funny to read.

Things are running smoothly but Justin has to leave for a job Jason gives him. While he keeps that under wraps, something horrible goes down with Danielle and has everyone out looking for her. Due to her father’s business, they target Danielle. Justin figures it out and call in the family to help him figure it out. While they do, all breaks out and off they go to rescue her. While the issue’s regarding her being taken, the rescue is a success but the interactions between all of the siblings is so comical, I was laughing so hard I dropped my reader. I loved the few lines that Joseph speaks about Jared. Those are priceless given how little Joseph talks 🙂

We also have great interactions between Danielle and the siblings and we find that she fits in really well. We get a HEA for Justin and Danielle, find out about the other’s kiddo’s as well as a wedding (Jewell and Zane) but the last chapter leaves me sad. I won’t spoil it for anyone but boy oh boy do I how that we all make it through the next book.

Thanks again for another great book, great characters and furthering the story for all … you’re awesome Kris!!!