Cashmere and Camo is the 3rd book in the Billionaires in Blue Jeans series and is Brynn’s story.

From the pervious books in the series, we know that Brynn is the scientist, shy and doesn’t really know how to date. Noah thinks he’s helping by getting her settled and used to Bliss, but really he’s just keeping her away from others as much as he knows he shouldn’t; he just can’t help himself.

As we’ve hit the six month mark of the girls being in Bliss, Noah knows that they need to get a move on with Brynn dating six different guys from the wonderful, small town. It’s funny to see what Noah goes through to keep all of the dates to just one and done, while keeping Brynn with him. As time moves on, we find that Brynn only want to spend time and sexy time at that with Noah. Noah’s all for it but knows that she still has to see other other guys. Mix that with working at the Pie Shop and her Lab work, she’s one busy gal.

All of the dates are interesting, especially the speed dating one, and she finds she does have a type and it’s Noah. While Noah knows that Brynn is it for him, he fights it for all there is given his past and how he takes on the roll of keeper and fixer to all. While he think’s he’s keeping his word to Rudy, he can’t seem to fight what he feels and wants.

Noah does get his wish and gets the sexy time with Brynn (wow oh wow are they sexy times). Brynn falls harder but doesn’t know how to get Noah to change his mind about her going back to NY. Little does anyone know, Brynn comes across a new passion and job; which leads her to want to stay in Bliss. She brings her suggestion about the Pie shop to the group and shows everyone what’s she’s really made of (which is awesome!!!) and moves forward with that plan. She also get some wonderful advice from her new friends, as well as help trying to get Noah to see things like they are as well.

Noah also gets some advice from the same group of friends and then freaks when he finds that Brynn’s gone back to NY. With all great love stories, Noah finally pulls his head out of his hinney and takes off to get Brynn.

We end with the HEA for them that we have been hoping for since book one as well as a wonderful wrap up of what Rudy was trying to do for his daughters as well as the three wonderful guys they ended up with.

Thanks for a great series Erin … I enjoyed it so much that I’ve gotten The Bradford series as well as the Counting On Love series too (finished with one and almost done with the other) 🙂