********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *******

What a wonderful read by Julia Wolf. This is the second book in the Sublime series and follows the group of gals at the salon on to the next adventure as well as the love story of Frannie (Franana) and James.

We know from the first book that James/Beardo hooks up with Frannie. Lets just say that Frannie thinks the experience is awful but there’s something about James that she just can’t get over.

While she continues to look for Mr. Right Now, James is still a constant in her life given he’s a bartender at her favorite hang out. What she doesn’t know is that he is also the brother of one of her best guy friends from her dancing days. Once day after dance class, she finds this out, much to her surprise. James and his brother, Ryan, are both surprised too.

So as to not give away/spoil some of the best parts, we find out that James is younger than Frannie, remembers meeting her when he was younger and going to some of the dances to watch his brother when they were in town and he’s extremely intelligent/wealthy. He also has a tendency to get lost in his work and hide from life.

Frannie finds it interesting and while spending more time with him, starts to fall for him. While James also falls for her, Frannie’s past and her history with her parents causes several problems for them in their relationship and she does some stuff to put the relationship at risk. But once all is out in the open, talked through they begin to move forward.

We also find that Rach and Joe get engaged, Eliza finally ends things with Edward and moves on with help of the girls and their guys, we meet a new guy, Charlie (I hope he’s in the next book too) and that James and Ryan’s family owns a farm with goats on it.

Such a great book and enjoyed it greatly. Can’t wait for Cut Free coming in Aug 2018 and will hopefully be Eliza’s story of love and happiness.

Thanks Julia for letting me part of this ARC!!!