********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *******

We know Jax from Royal Savage but in this next book, Beautiful Savage, we get his story. As we know, he’s a bad boy player and best friends with Royal and Blain. But what we don’t know is his back story and about the love of his life.

We find out that he’s had a rough upbringing without a father and an abesnt mother due to addiction. We also find out about Alex/Lex, the little girl that he befriends as a young age and tries to protect from an abusive father. Unfortunately, he can’t protect her due to age/size and she ends up moving away. While there is time and space between them, they still think of the other often.

Lex finally moves back to the area and they met again, but neither knows who the other is to start off with. They are drawn to each other can can’t figure out why. Well, well before they figure it out, we have some hot, steamy, sexy time. Then Jax gets the info that lets him know that it was Lex he was just with.

As I don’t want to spoil it, things get rough between the two. History causes problems on Lex’s part and she pushs hard to keep him out but Jax is loyal and totally in love with her (as he never stopped) and he continue to work to break her wall’s down.

We have really bad guys (dealers), other bad guys (just general pains) and then the good guys. The really bad guys mess up bad and Jax goes nuts and takes care of the issue. There is histroy there with the main bad guy and his solution fixes everyone’s problem with the guy. But the cost could’ve been high for everyone involved.

We get the HEA we love, Lex fits in with the gang and we get small updates on them as well through the book. Great read, great characters and such a strong, twisted back story … I read it in one sitting.

Thank for letting me part of the ARC and I highly recommend this as well as Royal Savage. I’ve also read all the Walk of Shame series and loved that as well.