The Savage Wild

By Roxie Noir

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Wilder Flint is a well-known jock who had everything going for him. He had the cheerleader girlfriend but needed help with calculus. So he falls for the nerdy, smart girl Imogen who tutors him and they hook up on the side. Imogen gets tired of being a secret and decides to tell Wilder’s girlfriend about them. At first his girlfriend doesn’t believe her. To get back at Imogen at prom because it is all about appearances, Wilder plays over the intercom, a recorded interaction between the two of them. He is a worm who worries about what others will think of him. It severely embarrasses Imogen and she never looks back. Imogen goes off to college and starts her life over without Wilder.

Flash forward ten years, Imogen is set to participate in a research expedition in northern Alaska. On her way there, she ends up with canceled flights to get to her destination. After pleading with the airline, the customer service stewardess sees a pilot she knows. As he comes toward the desk, Imogen recognizes the pilot to be none other than Wilder. Both recognized each other instantly. Imogen tells Wilder she will pay him $15, 000 to fly her to her research site. They board the plane, take off and away they go. During the flight they throw barbs at each other because of the past.  As they are flying, something happens to the plane and they crash. When Wilder comes to, he looks for Imogen and finds her. She is injured but alive. They stay for a while in the fuselage of the plane so they are out of the elements. Wilder helps bandage up Imogen and they use some emergency supplies that was aboard the plane to survive. Imogen is convinced Wilder was trying to kill her. They rehash the past of what happened between them. There are some flashbacks to explain what happened.

They eventually leave the plane and get found. Both are hospitalized for their injuries. Imogen heals and goes off to her research expedition. Wilder tries to make up for what he did to Imogen in the past. He vows to win her back. To me Wilder is not much of a hero. I don’t think I could ever forgive him for what he did to Imogen.

The other thing I didn’t care for in the book was there was such a build up to the crash and the past but then just a little of Wilder trying to win back Imogen. Things like that take time and toward the ending it seemed rushed to me. Roxie Noir could have wrote more on what it took for Wilder to win Imogen back. His mistake in the past is not an easily forgiven one. And Imogen took him back too easily.