Night Shifts Black

By Alyson Santos

Wow, all I can say is this is an emotional, intense, and unique story. Luke is the complex rock star who suddenly disappears. Only the people closest to him know the real truth. He leaves his fans wondering what happened and why he pulled back from his band. His lifestyle catches up with him and leaves him feeling responsible for the death of his wife.

After a strange encounter involving a chair in a diner, Callie enters the picture. She happened to be sitting in the chair Luke wanted and asked if she could move. She complies but then wonders what is up with this guy. He comes in repeatedly to the diner and stares at the same chair at the same table. Callie returns to see if she can catch him there. She finds him fascinating and can’t help but try to figure him out. At first she wonders if he isn’t crazy along with the diner staff. But after a while she introduces herself to him. They become friends and she discovers he is suffering from a deep depression. Callie recognizes the signs in Luke because she has been through an event that crushed her soul in the same way.

I was hoping Callie and Luke would get together as a love interest. Then the plot twists and does the unexpected. Casey the drummer in Luke’s band comes to check on him. Sparks fly between Casey and Callie.

I have never read anything by Alyson Santos but this was a well done book that deals with depression, self-degradation, and suicide. Very well written and it really dug into the emotions of all the characters. I enjoyed Alyson’s writing style and had to get the next book in the series – Tracing Holland!