********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *******

All This Time is the third book in the Sweet Sins series and it’s an amazing tear jerker. It is also a wonderful addition to the series and is Mile’s story.

As we know from the previous two books, Miles has a very complicated history as well as being an addict/alcholic. The band members and management have tried to send him to rehab several times with no luck. Unfortunately, Miles is the only one that can help himself at this point by admitting he has a problem. Which thankfully he has done and we start the book with him coming back to the group after and extensive but successful stint at rehab.

We also have the lovely Julia, who is Maracus’s sister. She’s always been off limits to the band members given their relationship with Marcus, but Miles crossed that line at one time and now the relationship is a mess between the two. Julia remembers but Miles doesn’t. Julia also carries around scar’s from her past with her mother. Scars that no one knows the full extent of except for her best friend Connor.

Julia and Miles are brought back together and the sparks fly but Miles can’t remember her. She’s crushed but moves on. It’s driving Miles crazy with the lose of memory and his best friends fills in some of the missing parts. Miles gets even madder at himself for this.

So while Miles works on a way to get closer to Julia, she retreats and runs. Once she’s back, they are working to fill in the blanks as well as a relationship until a part of the past comes out and Miles again flips out but thankfully doesn’t return to the bottle. Things between the two get even weirder until Julia’s dear old mother lets loose a nasty lie that threatens to bring everyone down (personally the mother gets off easy in the end, but that’s my opinion).

Time continues to move on and Julia comes up with a plan that works and fixes that issues that her mother has caused. We also get a HEA for her and Miles with the added addition of two wonderful little boys. Which is a perfect ending for Miles’s story, thank goodness.

As an ARC reader, I don’t want to give much away and spoil it for others. I can’t stress enough how wonderful this story is but you do need to read the first two books in the series to fully understand Miles and his history.

Thanks for another awesome book Kathy!!! Can’t wait for the next one to come out 🙂