Speakeasy is the 5th book in the True North series by Sarina Bowen and what a wonderful addition to the series. These characters get better and better with each book! This is May’s story …

As we know from the previous books, May has resently discovered her bi-sexuality and is dating a fellow female student. Unfortunately, her family doesn’t think much of the gal. She’s not very nice to May and as we find out, not very loyal either. One night at the Gin Mill, one of the local watering holes, Alec the owner sees and photographs just how unloyal the gal really is. With May being a reformed alocholic, she doesn’t frequent the bars much, but as she see’s Daniela car so she stops. That’s when all heck breaks loose and May finds out about her cheating.

Alec, the bar owner comes to May’s rescue and keeps her from kicking Daniela’s butt. Unfortunately Alec and May are the best of friends in this small town. There is a history between the Rossi’s and Shipley’s that dates back years (remember Griff and Zara???) Anyway, Alec is seeing May for the frist time as an adult, who is stunning. So after all this plays out, May is upset and Alec comes to her rescue and helps her out … by helping move her out of Daniela’s place.

As with May’s history, she moves back home and start to feel smuthered by the events that went down, her family, and everything. She holds off telling her best friend, Lark, given May’s been in love with her forever but Lark doesn’t feel the same way. Once Lark learns about what went down, she feels guilty as Zach proposed to her while on vacation. While May is happy for Lark, it’s just one more thing added to her list of “oh s*&^” I have to deal with.

As things have it, a relationship of sorts starts between Alec and May. Alec is comfortable with it but May wants to keep it hidden. Again, this causes more issues for May with everyone. Alec has his own issues going with owning the bar, the beer distributor’s, his reputation with the ladies but he still want more with May. While he fights to make it more with May, she continues to push until an unfortunate event happens at the Gin Mill and everyone gets up close and personal with a possible OD death.

This brings a lot of the issue out into the light for both May and Alec, not just between them but also between the families and the history between them. May pulls back, Alec worries about what is going on with his business and is expansion and how a family member is messing it up for him.

But as we come to the end, May and Alec fight for what they have, May helps Alec move the business forward as well as mend the relationship with Griff and we get the HEA we are looking for. We also get updates on the rest of the crew as well as their business’s and families which is always a bonus in my opinion.

Thanks for another wonderful book in the series and I can’t wait for more!!!