Oh My Goodness … what a funny, steamy , heart warming story.

I love the idea of two extremely smart, funny, talented but burned women start a PI firm to go after cheaters. The opening story is funny as heck. Blaire and Isla met when they both were going through a major breakup and bonded over their cheating others. They have a very successful business and work with high profile clients.

What they don’t bank on, is the next high profile client is actually one of Blaire’s exe’s; Jessie Beckett, the super hot football player ex. While Blaire has plenty of self loathing due to her split with her ex-hubby, she still thinks the world rises and sets on Jessie … the one that didn’t fight for her or ask her to go with him.

So while Blaire is working on her issues, she’s the bait to get the goods on Jessie the cheater – at least according to his wife. While doing her PI thing, Blaire meets Colin, Jessie’s best friend. She starts a friendship with Colin to get the goods but there’s a spark there. She tries to ignore it and Colin just gets pissed cause she’s not paying attention to him, instead it’s all Jessie.

During all the different in and outs we have during the book, we have several funny parts (stuck in the pantry), some crushing parts where Blaire figures out Jessie is just a human man prone to mistakes like we all are, and that Colin is actually a good guy (not the player he was or made out to be). We also find out that Jessie, his future ex and Colin all have some nasty history with each other. It all comes out and we really don’t like the future ex for all she’s done and doing. We also get a peak into Jessie and Blaire thinking the past is better than it was.

In the end, the dirty deed of the ex come out and s*&^ hits the fan, Jessie gets his freedom, Colin and Blaire find their way and Isla is starting to see that not all guys are the bad guy in relationships.

I totally enjoyed this book (more than I should have) and laughed so hard a some of the things Blaire gets herself into but can see why she falls for the guys she does and we get the HEA that we loved.

I can’t wait for more in this series, as it was highly entertaining!