********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *******

Wow oh wow … another hot, steamy and suspenseful book in the Skull’s MC series by Elizabeth Knox.

In this book, we get Katya’s back story (she’s Dmitri sister) as well as Slasher.  We find out what’s been keeping Slasher away from the MC and why he heads back. We also find out why Katya shows up there.

While Dmitri and his other sister don’t want Katya around or to hear what she has to say, Slasher comes to her defense. There’s an instant attraction and both see the other for what and who they really are. Katya has reason’s for everything she’s done and while others choose not to believe them, they are what they are. Slasher, after spending time with her and asking the right questions, gets her to open up and he understands her history 100%. Slasher opens up to her and she gets him too.

They start to spend more time together and depend on each other to help out when it’s needed. We find Katya’s martial status isn’t what everyone believes, what horrible things the hubby has done to her and what she’s running from. We also find out about another sister, in a stress filled way for Katya. We find out the dirty history that Slasher had with Veronica and why Chuckles is such a d*&% and attached him and Bellamy.

While Katya and Slasher forge a real relationship by the end of the book, we also have a ton of drama. Some is answered but other area’s leave us hanging just a bit. As I was in on the ARC, I won’t spoil the read for anyone.

It’s a wonderful addition to the Skull’s MC series and a great read!!! As for the cliffhangers we got, I did talk to the Author and found out the next book in the Skull’s series will pick up on where this leaves off with them and we’ll also be seeing a book about the Petrov’s in the future as well. So don’t worry reads there will be plenty more to comes for all of the Skull’s characters as well as the Petrov’s.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of this journey Elizabeth, I’m so loving the ride!!!