This is a great read! The story pulls you in and you feel immersed in family, relationships, and struggles with everyday life. Walker Gibson runs Crank, an auto repair business he took over from his father. His cousin Peck works with him at the garage. Walker’s other brother runs a bar that he frequents.

While in the bar with Peck one night, someone alerts him to a girl messing with his truck. They go outside and we find Sienna Landry taking a baseball bat to the front of his truck practicing her swing. Walker takes the bat away from her and she tells him it just slipped out of her hands. Sienna vows to pay him for the damage. He tells her to come by his garage and she can pay him. When Sienna arrives, Walker gets busy and Sienna takes over letting two customers leave without paying. Walker is livid. To make up for the money, Peck suggest she work off her debt. Walker doesn’t think she will come through and start working there. But Sienna decides to show up and work. She drives Walker crazy. Her being there is a distraction he doesn’t need. The tension, antics and Sienna eventually grows on Walker. He gives in and then decides he made a mistake. But then he cannot seem to stay away from her.

As both go along and get everything figured out, Walker’s buried secret from the past surfaces. Sienna is devastated! Walker tries to make everything right between him and Sienna. Boy oh boy, Walker makes me swoon!!!

This was an enjoyable read with a good plot and characters. I cannot wait to see what happens in Peck’s story!!!