********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *******

LP Dover has done it yet again. Such a funny, sexy, heart warming story of taking a chance on love and life.

We meet the two main characters while they are both vacationing at a golf resort. Lucas is there for relaxation and to get away from his career and Ashley is there for a bridal party (a full week – nice!!!). Lucas and his crew start the week with a bet. Both, Lucas and Ashely, give fake names and enjoy themselves fully … unfortunately it catches up with both of them. Funny, not funny, but she hits him with her golfball while practiing.

One thing leads to another and they start a steamy relationship while Lucas is in town (as well as Ashley’s best friend). While Ashely is overly worried about his rep and her medical practice, she can’t seem to stay away. Things are actually going great, everyone is getting along and the story is moving toward the HEA we love … until it doesn’t.

Lucas’s brother hooks up with what we think is a good gal but she turns out to have something mean up her sleeve. She drops her bomb on Ashley at her office and she freaks. I think everyone would in this case would freak. Something that Lucas and the boys do at the start of the vacation comes back to bite them in the butt and almost costs Lucas and his brother everything.

Once all the information is open, the way Lucas handles it is awesome. Lucas, with the help of his brother, gets Ashley to see what really happened, not just what the chick reports and all end well. The ending is great and a big time show of love.

Can’t say enough about L.P. Dover and all her books. Love them, they cover the entire spectrum of feels, and we get to see many different characters (flaws and all). Thanks again for a great read!!!!