Taming Him is the first book in the Bishop Brothers series by Kennedy Fox and I’m totally in love with Alex … my new book boyfriend. On the plus side, the main gal’s name is very cool as well 🙂

We have River, an over worked nurse with a nasty ex and Alex, the HOT cowboy that makes no promises but breaks hearts none the less. They meet while on a 2 week vacation in Key West. The initial meeting is way to funny and starts the book/series off in a great way. The next meeting of our two main characters is no so funny but builds the foundation of the relationship when River saves Dylan (Alex’s bestfriend).

As things go, over the two week period the relationship growns and it all start with a bucket list and Alex telling her that he wants to spend as much time with her as he can. While River won’t admit it, she wants the same thing too. By the end of the two weeks, they’ve both fallen but won’t admit it to each other. As Alex has to leave before planned and the good by doesn’t happen, River is crushed.

But as things go, a little surprise is left behind and River has to figure out how to deal with how to move forward. While Alex is just unhappy and misses her like crazy. When she shows up in Texas and finds Alex rather quickly, sparks fly as well as anger from Alex. Once the issue is out in the open, Alex is the happiest guy in the world and starts planning a future with River. While she’s on board for that, she still is worried about how to move forward, but does take the plunge.

While she gets everything read for her big move, Alex is spending his time preparing for her arrival and their future together as a family. River is for living together but no sexy times … she wants a real relationship built on trust/respect/etc not just sexy times. She also is worried and works to gain relationships with Alex’s large family (which are awesome!!!). Things are going great until Alex’s past comes back to spill some evil verbage around and cause River to pull back, Alex helps her see is pasts and what he wants for his future.

In the end we get the HEA with a new addition as well as the start of the next book in the series. The ending is awesome and so romantic you just want to jump in and wish it was you. While the arrival of the new member of the familly is scary, it does end well.

Such a well written book and again, I just fell in love with Alex … sigh.