What a wonderfully funny/steamy second chance book. We have high school sweethearts Garrett and Callile who go their separate ways for college. They both still love each other but given the distance, they go there separate ways.

Then one fateful phone call from Callie’s sister and she returns home to help care for her parents after an accident (way to funny … died laughing). She doesn’t intend to stay but given her sister’s home life, she can’t do it all herself. So, Callie sucks it up and takes a leave from her new job. What she doesn’t plan on is her feelings for Garrett are just as strong as ever. Garrett’s are too and when Callie starts teaching at the local High School with him, he’s out to get her to change her plans and stay.

While things are going really great between them, there are still issues from the past that come back to cause some issues but they are worked through. We also get insight into what went down when they were younger as well as issues with others from the past. We also have lots of steamy sexy times with humor included. But once all is forgiven and resolved, they move forward with the HEA we love.

There is one part that made me cry like crazy towards the end. It’s a needed part of the book but still extremely sad.

This is a wonderful read and I highly suggest it for some fun summer reading!