********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *******

We pick up with the characters from Kathy’s Syndicate Series in this book by HJ Bellus and Kathy Coopmans. This is Alex’s story … he’s Ronan’s son.

As we know from the first book from the two of these author’s that Alex has done something that he never wanted to do but did to protect his family. But by doing this, it’s eating him alive and he’s spiraling out of control. Alex meets Maria during this trip to h$ll that he’s taking. He’s not very nice to her and trying to pay her causing so many issues. While she feels sorry for him, she doesn’t take his money.

Forward a bit and we find the two running into each other again … only to have the same issues as before. Maria is drawn to him as he is to her but due to his downward decline she wants nothing to do with him. While he on the other hand wants to get lost in her like he has so many others to try to make the pain and memories go away.

Once the two actually talk, they find the attraction is high and they start to get together. Enter some nasty people, who just want to cause problems and stir up s&^%. Alex finds some things out about Maria and he puts on the breaks and she ends it. She wants him to get his act together but she’s not going to take him as he is. While this about breaks both of them, it does help for Alex to get the help he needs to fight his demons.

He makes a big splash at her birthday bash and they get their relationship back on track. Once they return to Idaho, the nasty people come back into their lives full force and start to cause even more issues. We get to have some of the great characters from the Syndicate Series make appearances (I love Adian … sigh) and they bring the help that is needed when s%^& really hits the fan. We find out one of the nasty characters actually did turn over a new leaf but the one that turned out to be totally bats$%^ crazy is the one that causes the most damage physically and emotionally.

We, as the reader, get to go along for the ride with all the twists and turns we love from both of these authors and get the HEA in the end.

I hope that we have more from both of these wonderful authors and all the characters, the books are just way to good to put down!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of the ARC 🙂