Chasing Him is the third book in the Bishop Brothers series and couldn’t be more tragic if they tried … sad face.

This is John’s book and he’s one of the twins … we all know Jackson well. We end Evan’s book with finding out that John’s a father –  unbeknownst to him. After reading the letter that arrived with the little girl, John knows it’s his and with everyone’s help, he start to figure out how to be a father. He’s also dealing with all the issues and emotions surrounding what happened to the little girls mother; which is tragic. While John is doing his best a parenthood, he’s falling down on his work and the rest of his life trying to learn and keep up. Enter Mila, the nanny.

Mila, is the granddaughter of a friend of John’s mom and a recent grad in elementary education. Add in cute and willing to help out/work is a total plus. John has trouble taking the help and their first meeting is one for the record books, thanks to Jackson’s ways. Mila proves to be the blessing that John is needing and she works out wonderfully with John and Maize.

As things happen, we see John and Mila falling for each other even though they are both fighting it. John, as he doesn’t think it’s right to hook up with the nanny and Mila because she has other plans for her future. But as things have it, they end up falling but going slowly. As time flies by Mila’s dream job comes up but she doesn’t know what to do. Stay with John and Mazie or go for the job and give them up. John encourages her to follow her dreams and says he’ll wait for her but her heart wants to stay and isn’t in the teaching position.

John continues to push her to follow through for at least a year to make sure that she has a chance to see it all. While Mila finally agrees she’s miserable. As timing would have it, the great “guy” action is coming up and she has a sneaky plan with Mama Bishop – it’s classic and we get the HEA that we love.

We also get to catch up with the rest of the gang but we find Jackson not doing so hot and it’s all due to Kiera making plans for her future and they don’t include him. It looks to be an epic ending to the series and I can’t wait for it .. Keeping Him has a release day of 18-20 Sept 2018 on multiple platforms.