What a fun read. I Don’t starts as the book about a wedding gone wrong (a week before hand) to finding Mr. Right … who was Mr. Right long ago as well.

We start with Whitney Wheeler, who just before her wedding to who she thinks is Mr. Right, finding him having sexy times with someone else in their home. Needless to say she’s pop’s a cork and takes off to meet up with her bridesmaid for the party that they were supposed to have.

With the gals finding out about what went down, they end up at a club where Whit comes face to face with the boy from her past that she loved in high school until she didn’t. Lucas is all man now and boy can he work his stuff. While she is mortified about going on stage, she ends up enjoying her time in the spot light and Lucas. While still reeling from her future ex, she has all the feels for Lucas and doesn’t know what to do with them. After the show and with the encouragement of the gal pals, she takes a road trip with Lucas to deliver to adorable pup’s to their forever home with Lucas. The trip goes awesome until Whit over thinks things, there’s a steamy kiss and she flee’s.

Time goes by … there isn’t a wedding and Whit is still thinking more and more about Lucas. They finally start spending more time together and all the feels from before are still there. Whit wants to act on them, Lucas really wants to act on them but Whit is having trouble with his line of part time work due to her history. It’s a bumpy road with lots of really funny times with the two of them as well as all the friends they have but thinks hit the breaks when Whit and Jessi (best gal pal) go to the club and she can’t hancle it.

With help from his friends, Lucas starts making grand gestures to win her back and thank goodness it works in the end and we get the HEA. This could is to awesome not to come out the other side stronger what they’ve been through.

Thanks for the fun, steamy, sexy read Andrea – it was a wild ride!!!