The second book in the Bishop Brothers series, Needing Him, is Evan’s story. He’s the oldest of the four and the most serious. He didn’t follow the ranching handbook and make that his life, he also added being a doctor to the mix. One that he’s really great at. As things have it, one thing leads to another and a one night stand ends up being more trouble that it’s work (sometimes that happens – hehe).

Enter Dr. Emily Bell … she has a very well known background with famous family members. But what neither of them knew was that she was the new doctor at the hospital and to be working with Evan in the ER. Well, things are a bit tense and Evan’s not very nice. It might have do to with the fact that she stole his clothes the morning after (I’ll leave that for your reading pleasure and all ends up ok on that front). Evan also knows of her past and won’t let her use that to make her way up the hospital chain or to have others think she was just given it. Everyone earns their keep, it’s the Bishop way.

While things are extremely rocky between the two, the chemisty is nuts. But Emily is against it due to things that have gone down in her past with less than steller results in the love department. As time moves on, things smooth out and we have a relationship between the two. While still rocky at times and some heated discussions, they do make it out the other side together. There is one part towards the end with some forshadowing but if you don’t look for it, you won’t see it.

We end up with HEA for them (as well as a little bundle), get caught up with the rest of the crew from the first book and find out how they are all doing as well as all the funny stuff that Jackson gets up too. Such a great addition to the series!!!